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Headwaters Bait Co., imagining state of the art bait design while embracing small batch, hand crafting techniques for the highest quality available. 

Born of a love of fishing and always looking for those unique features to give our angling an edge, we've never been happy with just off-the-shelf baits.  A lifetime of tweaking, recalibrating and reimagining existing baits to make them better has delivered us to this position to provide baits that are slightly unique.  Sometimes a slight variation in profile or unique color will bring strikes where the typical baits may not.  


Having the unique perspective of both fresh water and saltwater angling, we bring to the table a wealth of experience to combine techniques, material preferences and past experiences together into a culmination of product ideas that join the best of all those ideas.


100% of all Headwaters Baits are made in the USA.   

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