2nd Annual Headwaters Hog Hunt

February 27th          Catch-Photo-Release          Limited Entry

 Your opportunity to fish a most unique format tournament and be part of lake history.

Charity event with 100% of proceeds going to our local charity, ARC of Indian River County
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FWC approved!

The FWC, from local all the way up to Tallahassee approves of the CPR format.

Big Bass Calcutta -- Winner take all.  Boats and kayaks compete together. (please bring cash)

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Your $50 per angler entry fee includes entry to the event, entry into the Fellowship award, dinner (sponsored by Orchid Island Bikes and Kayaks) and entry into free raffles of sponsored items.  

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Boats compete against boats

Kayaks compete against kayaks

Enter here

There is a special fellowship award for the highest placing boat and kayak with combined scores.  Boats and kayaks are teamed up at random.  No additional fee required.

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You register on TourneyX.  The app is free and all fish entries are done on your phone, with the TourneyX app.

Winners are based on length in inches, not weight.  

This event is a charity event with all proceeds going to a local charity.  Prizes for this event are incredible hand crafted, sculptured trophies provided by Bass Trophies Online. 

Both anglers in the 1st place boat receive trophies

Both anglers in the 2nd place boat receive trophies

Both anglers in the 3rd place boat receive trophies

Each kayak angler in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place receive an incredible trophy. 


Tournament Headquarters is Marsh Landing, Fellsmere FL.

Tournament waters are exclusive to the lake known as Headwaters Lake/Fellsmere Reservoir/Egan Lake.  


Schedule of Events:


Online registration begins now, until all slots are filled.

Now until sunset February 26th prefishing allowed.

February 27th

0700hrs--official lines in, competition begins. 

1500hrs--lines out, competition time ends.  

1515hrs--upload of photos ends.

If you have had difficulty uploading photos, you must return to the tournament headquarters prior to this time for assistance. This is your responsibility.  

1600hrs--check in ENDS.  You must be recognized as in line prior to this time.  

1600hrs--Dinner is served, with awards to follow.

Important stuff


Downloadable Rules Here 

Don't be overwhelmed by the rules.  Please ask questions

A few questions answered. 

No cash awards for 1st or second or third? 

No.  Charity event so ALL net proceeds go to the charities.  The trophies are incredible.  We urge you to click the link and see the quality and unique design.  You'll be proud to display these.

But there is a cash award for longest bass? 

Yup.  That's a Calcutta where its winner take all.  Boats and kayaks together.  


Why is it limited entry? 

The parking lot at Headwaters lake is limited.  We can't take up the whole lot.

Doesn't the limited entry limit the money going to charity? 

Unfortunately it does.  We hope in the future we'll find a way to do better.

Is entry for each angler in the boat?  Why? 

Yes.  Each angler must pay the entry fee.  The money is going to charity.  And each angler in the winning boats receives an incredible bronze, hand crafted trophy.  

Is dinner paid for? 

Absolutely.  We have a great sponsor who has graciously paid for the awards dinner.  

Can I bring a spouse or child to dinner? 

Sure.  If you don't mind, we'd like to ask you to pay for that person.  Our sponsor has paid for the number of entries and the few support people, but not guests.  Any additional payment for guests will go directly to the charities. 

So....what about the 'fees' and proceeds?   

100% of all net proceeds will be split evenly and given to each charity.  The only 'fees' we have are for the use of Tourney X, Paypal and the cost of trophies.  There is no admin fees or 10% off the top fees or any other shady fee. All work is being done voluntarily.  The use of this website is donated.  A breakdown of expenses and the money donated will be made public.  Nothing to hide.  We just want to introduce boaters to the CPR tournament format, create some fellowship and provide some donations to great local charities doing work we can see with our own eyes.  

Man, these rules are long and precise, why? 

These rules are a reflection of CPR tournament rules that have been in place for almost a decade.  By using these rules, we not only have a fair event, but can introduce boaters to just how fair and 'cheat proof' a CPR event can be.  We may as well start this thing rolling with iron clad rules.  


Do I have to use the specific measuring board listed in the rules? 

No.  For this event, you may use any brand.  As long as it meets the requirements in the rules.  It has to have a bump fence/nose board/bump and cannot slide or fold, and must have 1/4" (one quarter inch) increments. If you have any questions, it's best to ask first than have an issue later on.