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*The Bone Shaker

An exclusive design invented after disecting all the best blade baits on the market.  The Bone Shaker has an internal skeleton that directly connects the trailer to the hook, to the blade, to you.  This innovation ensures no component failure will cost you a connection to your fish.  There are no open loops to pull apart, no gap for a blade to work free from, and the skeleton is entirely stainless steel. 

This continuous connection also causes the bait to  shake those bones to provide even more vibration from the stainless steel egg snap, to the end of the lazer sharp Trokar hook.  


Headwaters Golden Shiner has a giant 6/0 XX extra long shank hook for a wide open gap for more hook ups and fewer lost fish.  


Made with USA components, one bait at a time, ensures the quality you expect is the quality you receive.  


Multiple PATENTS PENDING, (very proud of that)


Demand is always high, so quantities are usually limited, as this bait is indeed made one at a time right here in the USA.  

Bone Shaker

$16.99 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
    • USA components 
    • Authentic Eagle Claw Trokar hook
    • Exclusive hook-thru design, where blade attachment is directly attached to hook--no gaps to open.  
    • Rock solid powder coat finish
    • Cemented skirt
    • All components are stainless steel
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