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Mullet Head jig heads follow the same receipe all the Headwaters baits do.  It's a basic, tried and true design of a jig head--Only better.  The snooty nose of this design cuts water and slices through grass and weeds.  The eyes are a custom, made in the USA, 3D actual fish eye design.  And the most important feature of any lure--the hook. 

The hook chosen for this product is an Owner.  Full disclosure:  While this particular model hook is not made in the USA, it is responsible for many, many US jobs.  This hook was just too perfect not to consider.  


We start with that superior Owner brand wide gap hook, and use upcyced pure lead.  No impurities, no fillers, gluten-free.

We demand our jig heads are powder coated, then baked for a minimum of a half an hour to ensure the hardest finish possible.  The eyes are guled in place and the entire head is coated with epoxy.    One tough Mullet Head!

If you're the type of angler to just pop in the tackle shop and grab any ol' pack of jig heads, then go for it.  

But if you're serious about your fishing and choose to have the best tackle, this jig head is built for you. 

Mullet Heads

    • 2 sizes
    • 3 colors
    • Wide gap Owner hook
    • Package of 4 jig heads
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