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This is no slug.  And its creation was no fluke.  The JerkShad is a lively, mobile and attractive bait.  When simulating baitfish is called for, this is the go-to. 

Rigging with a heavy unweighted hook can provide a wild side to side action with a very slow fall.  When rigged with a weighted hook, the action is incredible and allows fishing at any depth. 

The Jerk Shad was designed to maximize movement from even the slightest twitch of the rod.  The unique shape adds subtle movement on the fall that simulates a dying and fluttering bait.  The 5.25" size is a comfortable size for most fishing conditions, while the 7" is an incredible tool for larger fish and when you're looking for that kicker. 

Our design includes a scale pattern that adds not only the sonic signature of a real bait but adds dimension to the bait so at any angle it looks more lifelike to predators.  

Every subtle difference in our baits means more strikes for our anglers.   


$5.99 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
    • Moderate float
    • Toughness is a 3, to provide good action while having better resilience 
    • Exclusive Hi-Octane scent additive formulated in each bait  
    • 5.25" 6 per pack
    • 7" 4 per pack
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