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This profile often provides the subtly that draws critical strikes.  The unique rip tail is compact--again, more subtle when the bite is finicky, but still adds a quick and obvious wobble and sonic signature that draws strikes.  It's a tough bait that can be fished easily in heavy cover with a Carolina rig or Texas rig.  

This one is a man-sized meal at almost 8" long.  The beefy size was developed by fishing Florida and Texas big bass.  The diameter and length draw fish in looking for more than just a snack. 

MaxSpeed Worm

$5.99 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
    • Medium float
    • Toughness is a 2, to provide excellent action while having good resilience
    • Exclusive Hi-Octane scent additive formulated in each bait
    • 5 inch is 8 per package
    • 8 inch is 6 per package
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