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By any name the stick bait style worm is about as versatile as any bait possibly could be.   But we said let's make it better.  This isn't your average stick bait.

The Hex and Big Hex are unique in their shape allowing a greater variety in rigging.  

This bait works with a wobble and shimmy that is unmatched. A round worm has almost no movement on the fall.  With the unique hexagonal shape, the flat sides of The Hex push water and create a shimmy on the fall that demands attention.  The head portion is designed to be fatter to add plenty of meat for hook rigging.  The tail section has a quick taper that provides a flick motion when rigged Texas or Carolina style.  Both sizes are robust, allowing easier casting and presenting an attractive profile for predatrs.  

The material formulation is heavier without unnecessary additives.  This allows The Hex to be as dense as any brand, but without additives this bait is much more resilient and should last from bite to bite.

We also use a softer material that adds more subtle movement without losing that toughness. This is unique in the industry. 

Available in a traditional stick bait size, and then the Big Hex is a beefy bait that moves a ton of water and commands attention. It's a meal in itself.

The Hex

$5.99 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
    • Moderate sink 
    • Toughness is a 2, to provide excellent action while having good resilience 
    • Exclusive Hi-Octane scent additive formulated in each bait  
    • 5.25" - 7 per package
    • 7" - 5 per package
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