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SuperCraw, an excellent jig trailer with a superior sonic signature of waving claws.  This bait is also an excellent finesse bait when rigged with a weighted weedless hook, and with a compact but vibrant profile makes for successful punching and flipping.  Even on a shakey head, the claws will float upright which provide a natural presentation.  This bait is created with a slightly heavier compound so a minimum of additives is necessary to make the bait dense.  This translates to a heavy bait, that still has neutral buoyancy characteristics while being tougher than other brands that depend on heavy additives to add weight. 

Palmetto Bug

$5.99 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
    • Moderate float
    • Toughess is a 4 to provide good action while having better resilience
    • Exclusive Hi-Octane scent additive formulated into each bait 
    • 6 per package 
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