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When compared to most any prey or bait fish, the SuperShad looks like a close twin. The gold standard for swimbait angling techniques, and as a trailer for jigs or bladed baits, the rigging possibilities are endless.  This bait has been designed from the ground up and formulated to be one better than the traditional style on the market.  A heavier, yet more lively formulation than other baits of this class translate into a softer body for better hook penetration and a more lively action. 

This bait is a full 4" long providing a body volume long enough to use wide gap hooks.  With competitors baits at 3 1/2", even a 3/0 hook extends into the tail and makes their bait swim awkwardly. We made ours just a little better.  

The shape of belly and length of the tail add an incredible wobble both on the retrieve and on the fall.  Size and position of the paddle tail add a maximum of sight and sound enticement, while not looking awkward and wild.


$5.99 Regular Price
$3.00Sale Price
    • Moderate sink rate
    • Toughness is a 3,  to provide excellent action while having good resilience 
    • Exclusive Hi-Octane scent additive formulated in each bait
    • 8 per package
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